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Building Sustainable Awareness

About us

Behind Planext, stands an interdisciplinary team comprised of a group of environmentally concerned specialists and collaborators who have been working together to rethink the future and make it more sustainable.

We encourage a new way of thinking that will empower sustainable development.

We are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with global reach.

Our Purpose

Planext is a sustainable brand that, based on its extensive research, its sustainability agenda and its clear sustainable development objectives, focuses its purpose on adding value to all those actors who want to make a social, environmental and economic change to contribute to sustainable global development.

We are a fast moving forward company, permanently researching and adding new worldwide trends to our agenda.

We work to leave a mark on people's thinking and actions thus build a better world. That is why, our strategies are aligned with and contribute to the sustainable development objectives of the 2030 Agenda approved by the United Nations in 2015.

Based on our purpose, we seek to inspire people to pursuit new needs and generate the commitment to taking part of the change.

Our Activities


of projects and initiatives that encourage our future clients to achieve sustainable economic progress, promoting awareness and understanding of the environment in which we live and its balance with the human being.


of urban infrastructure, considering good construction practices, the use of ecological materials, waste recycling, energy saving and the exploitation of natural resources.


for companies to implement sustainable practices in their businesses, by offering them a comprehensive management service for the actions to be taken.


of community projects, where we all are part of different actions that collaborate with preserving our Planet.

We are convinced that the new way of doing business is by generating shared value:

well by doing good.



Guarantee good sustainable construction practices, energy savings and the exploitation of natural resources in infrastructure projects.


Generate socio-environmental impact, managing tree planting projects, coastal edge cleaning days, recycling programs, waste collection and separation.


Conduct workshops to build a new awareness and contribute to a responsible future. Encourage people to think differently in order to act more consciously.

Our Values

Shared value

All our proposals are designed to do well by doing it good. We value the environmental, social and economic dimension of each of our actions and we promote a sustainable lifestyle.


We believe that the approach for a sustainable world is based on science, therefore, we are constantly updating our sustainability agenda.


We boost a cultural change to generate reflection on our lifestyle and the way of doing business in a sustainable way.


We understand that today there are new ways to do things better, consequently, we use our creative capacity to generate more and more answers with efficient impacts.


We are in the process of transition towards a sustainable world; thus we must do things differently. Our proposals to accelerate this change are a call to action to do it together. We cannot do it alone.

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Your opinion makes us better.

Tell us what you think and help us to keep making it differently.

Take action!

Let's do it together.

Join us in accelerating the change we are generating, share your projects and tell us about your contribution.

Our Team

Nicolás Agustín Venutolo

Architect UBA
Master of Architecture and Sustainability. UPC- ETSAB

Agostina Camilletti

Architect UNLP
Master of Business Administration MBA. FCE- UNLP

Gonzalo Monarca

Real Estate Developer
More than 20 years of experience.

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